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November 2, 2012 – 10:50 am | 2 Comments | 8,266 views

As a single man, you may want to go out with the intention to meet new women, to flirt, and to have fun. Nightlife settings are ideal for finding a flirt or even a partner, since flirting is especially socially acceptable in these settings. Many men, however, make big mistakes when it comes to flirting […]

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The Danger Of Dieting, And Why It Could Do More Harm Than Good

October 1, 2012 – 12:59 pm | 6,230 views
The Danger Of Dieting, And Why It Could Do More Harm Than Good

Dieting seems to have become a fashion at some point. For some people, going on a diet is a way to regain vitality and to improve their health, while others are dominated by the ideal image of beauty, which is being transported via television and magazines. Many companies have reacted to this trend, by offering […]

How To Eat More Consciously

August 26, 2012 – 11:39 am | 6,735 views
How To Eat More Consciously

Last week, I met a good friend of mine. As we talked about various topics, our conversation slowly transitioned to the topic of being overweight, and how to not reach that point of being overweight. As we did so, we walked into Starbucks to get ourselves a coffee. As we sat there talking, I observed […]