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If you would like to contribute to the Urban Lifestyle Blog, you are more than welcome to. We highly value opinions, experiences, or knowledge from different angles, perspectives, or parts of the world. If you have a topic you would like to share with us, you may do so by dropping us an e-mail directly at:

info [at] urbanlifestyleblog [dot] com

When sending us e-mail with your suggestion for a guest post, please read the following guidelines, as well as our Terms & Conditions carefully. Although we have compiled these guidelines with great care, they may be modified without prior notice, and might not be exhaustive:

  1. My name is Alex de Wit, owner and main editor of this website. Now that you know my name, please use it in the e-mail to address me, allowing me to identify that the e-mail has been written by a person who actually took the opportunity to read through this website. Thanks again.
  2. If you would like to contribute to our website, please send in the complete proposed article via e-mail. We do not accept submissions with a headline only, or with an e-mail stating only you wish to contribute, but without an actual article.
  3. Articles may be submitted in the main text box of the e-mail only. No attachments will be accepted.
  4. Please be sure, that your article contributes to the content and interest of the Urban Lifestyle Blog and its readers. The article should represent an opinion, an experience, or a so-called ‘how to’ guide. The topic needs to focus on everyday urban life, aiming at making city life easier and more pleasurable.
  5. Each article should be written in English, and should have a clean and correct grammar. The article should be divided into paragraphs where appropriate.
  6. We will accept no article which promotes pornography, hatred, racism, violence, crime, discrimination, or any other topics which we find to be inappropriate.
  7. Each article should be uniquely written for the Urban Lifestyle Blog, and should not be a copy which can be found on the internet already; the article does not infringe any copyright law.
  8. Each article may include two single backlink to a URL of your choice.
  9. The article must contain a minimum of 400 words.
  10. You, as an author, will have to notify us how you would like to be mentioned. We can mention your full name, your initials, an alias, or another variation. Also, you are responsible for providing a short biography, which may be added below the article.
  11. By sending us your article, the article will become the property of the Urban Lifestyle Blog at urbanlifestyleblog.com. Furthermore, as an author you provide us permission to publish the article, provided the information under point 9. is provided. We will never ‘steal’ articles sent to us and publish them in our own name.