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10 Signs To Look Out For That She Is Into You

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sexy womanIt often starts with a glance, with a short but powerful look. Eye contact is as powerful as it is effective; it allows you to connect with another person, and say much more within a split second, than you could with words. In fact, around 80% of all communication takes place at a non-verbal level, meaning the gestures you makes, the way you move your body, arms or legs, how you look, how you stand, and the way you speak.

Especially when dating or flirting with a girl, non-verbal communication is key to knowing how this person feels towards you. It sets a basis for any further action you might want to take, and it can support your decision that perhaps pursuing this woman is a waste of time. Both men and women display powerful non-verbal signals, which can demonstrate either attraction and affection, or rejection and antipathy.

Reading non-verbal signs is not rocket science. It is a skill, that you can train. When it comes to flirting and seducing women, we have put together 10 powerful signs, that she might be into you. Each individual sign might not be sufficient to tell that she is definitely into you, but the more signs you receive, the higher the chances.

Let’s go.

1. Strong eye contact

If she is into you, she will make strong eye contact with you. Often, she will look you in the eyes more often and longer than would usually be appropriate. Strong eye contact is a general sign of interest. Occasionally, she might look down or towards your mouth, and then look back into you eyes again. Naturally you should also return the favor, and always endeavor to establish strong eye contact with her too.

2. She turns her body towards you

The ideal position to start a conversation is either to stand side by side, or in an angle of, say, 45 degrees. Starting a conversation by placing yourself directly opposite to her can come across as too aggressive. If she likes the conversation and you start to connect, she will turn her body slowly towards you. You should also do the same, and you might end up standing or sitting directly opposite to each other. Perhaps she might also lean in a bit, which is a further sign of interest.

Standing or sitting directly opposite to each other is not only a sign of strong interest, and the fact that you connect well. It is also a way to create a barrier for other people to join the conversation.

3. She will buy you a drink

This might seem a bit corny, but buying drinks for someone is a strong sign of the commitment and effort someone is willing to put into someone else. Many men tend to spend women drinks, hoping to get her for some conversation and perhaps more. Many women know this, and actually some women tend to go out with no money in their pockets, letting men fund their night out.

In order to test the genuine interest of a woman, you can tell her to buy you a drink. If she is truly interested in you, chances are she will be happy to do that. Actually it is also a strong signal, that you are not someone who finds it necessary to ‘buy’ women into liking you.

If she buys you a drink, naturally it is gentleman-like to return the favor. Every relationship is a give and take, and you should not give the impression that you are trying to take advantage of her.

4. She plays with cylindrical objects

A very subconscious movement, which many women make, is stroking a random cylindrical object up and down. For example, when you are in a bar, the steel of a wine glass or a long cocktail glass can be perfect objects. You can probably imagine for yourself what the stroking movement resembles.

5. She touches herself

If a woman is with a man she likes, she will often lightly touch herself, often her arm or neck. This subconscious stroking resembles the wish for you to touch her. This does, of course, not mean you can start touch her to your liking. Touch is powerful instrument which needs to be built up during the seduction process. You will read more about touching below.

6. She plays with something that belongs to you

With a strong desire to take possession of you, a woman who likes you might take any possible opportunity to take something which belongs to you and play around with it. This can be anything from a pack of cigarettes, a lighter, your sunglasses, or a pen.

7. She leaves her handbag with you

Women’s handbags often include their entire lives. Therefore, she would never leave it with someone she would not trust. If a woman has to go to the toilet, she might leave her handbag with you for a moment. If she does, it is a strong signal that she trusts you, but also that she lets you take (short) possession of something, which is very valuable to her. Don’t take this opportunity to go through her handbag, just take care of it while she is away, and act whether it is the most normal thing in the world.

8. She accepts your touch and touches you

Touching can be very powerful, and it is a necessity to truly get to know each other on a more than friendship level. Touching has be applied carefully, as a too firm touch, or an inappropriate touch at the wrong time can actually scare her away. The best way to adopt touching in the beginning is to lightly touch her shoulder, or her hand when it is within reach, for example in order to make a statement during the conversation. Or you can touch her back when guiding her into a room or a location.

What ever you do, keep the touching light, and use places which are fairly neutral. Whenever you touch her, you can look at her reaction. For example, when touching her hand, does she twitch her hand in an attempt to pull it back? If so, she might not like you touching her. But if she doesn’t, then try touching her again, this time a bit longer. After some time, you might actually try and take her hand and hold it for a while.

On the other hand, she will also seek out to touch you when she likes you. She will most likely also start with neutral places, such as your hand, arm, or shoulder. She will most likely look for your reaction, and how you return the favor.

Using touch is very powerful, and gives powerful clues about whether or not she might be into you.

9. She laughs at everything you say

Sometimes, women laugh about the most ridiculous things. You might say something which is not even funny, and she might start laughing out loud. Fine, in some cases she might actually be laughing at you, but it is likely that she simply wants to show the best side of herself, and that she wants to be liked by you.

10. She keeps the conversations going

Women, who are genuinely interested in you, will keep the conversation going no matter what. They will ask you questions, comment on things you said, express opinions, and so on. Even if for a moment you run out of things to say, she will take her share of the responsibility and continue the conversation. If the conversation flows from two sides for a longer time, it is a great basis to connect and find common ground. This is very important for anything further to happen.

Wrapping it up

Perhaps the most important element of flirting and seduction is what is not being said. Non-verbal communication is an extremely important element of our interaction with about anyone, and it can often disclose opinions, and a general state of mind. Although the above list is in no way exhaustive, it does suggest some ideas to look out for.

What are your experiences? Are there any points you would like to add? Feel free to drop a comment below.

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