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6 Things Every Single Man Should Have At Home

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interiorAre you single and living by yourself? Chances are you have decorated your home as you want it to be, on a small or a larger budget, and it is clean and tidy so you can receive guests any time during the day or night. Nevertheless, there might be some things you have not thought about, things you don’t have available at your place, but which might indeed be very useful especially for single men (and actually also women in some cases).

So, are you really prepared to take home that flirt of the evening, or to just receive casual guests? Let’s take a look.

Extra toothbrushes

Whenever you invite someone at your place, or take someone home, it might be the case that this person will spend the night. It does not really matter whether you are taking home someone you just met that evening, or whether you have friends over for the evening. The main idea is, that you can offer your guests to stay over at any time, and that you are well prepared. Having a set of extra toothbrushes available gives a strong signal that you care for your guests, and that you are well prepared for eventualities.

Convertible sofa-bed

Although this is not mandatory, a convertible sofa-bed is an ideal place to provide your guests with a place to sleep during the night. Many regular sofas are quite comfortable and also provide for a good night’s rest, but a convertible sofa-bed simply communicates that you are well prepared. Also, this means that you can invite other couples to your place, who can then sleep together.

Naturally, this applies rather to guests you will not be sleeping with. But still, if you invited your flirt to your place for the first time, you may want to offer her to sleep on the sofa; that is not very intrusive, and you are actually providing her with a choice.

Bandage / tampons

When you have female guests over at your place in particular, having bandage and tampons available can save their day, and yours too. Usually, women who are having their period carry spare bandage or tampons around. But it is always better to play it safe.

Food and beverages

For unexpected guests, you need some basic food and beverages at your place at all times, which you can offer. This includes non-alcoholic beverages such as water, orange juice and sprite for the evening and perhaps coffee and tea for in the morning. But also alcoholic beverages might be considered, such as wine (red wine kept outside the fridge and white wine always kept inside the fridge) and champagne (always readily cooled), but also potentially stronger alcohol.

Additionally, it is a good sign of hospitality to be able to offer your unexpected guests something small to eat, such as olives, salmon, cheese, chips, or nuts.

What ever you would like to purchase for any unexpected guests, it is important that you would eat and drink it yourself too. It is a shame to let food and drinks expire, so you have to throw them away.

Bath robe

Assuming that you have enough towels available, it is worth considering to perhaps buy one or two additional bath robes for your guests. Not everyone enjoys walking around an unfamiliar place while not being dressed, and it can be quite a hassle to take clothes into the bathroom while taking a shower. By offering your guests a bath robe, they can get ready the next day in a more relaxed manner.


Needless to say, as a single man you might take home a girl or woman, which you want to get to know a bit better. Nothing can be as unrewarding as not having any condoms available when you really need them. Therefore, every single man should make sure that he has enough condoms available. Preferably they are spread throughout the entire apartment, and kept at places where they can’t be seen.

By the way, this does not only apply to men. Also single women might want to keep a small supply of condoms available, just in case. Sometimes, flirts happen unexpectedly.


With a little effort and smart thinking, it is well possible to be better equipped in order to invite guests to your place, either unexpectedly or planned. It makes a good impression towards your guests, if you show them that you are well prepared for the occasion, and that you have thought about everything. This will make them want to visit more often, and they will feel at ease at your place.

Question to the readers: are there more things you believe every single man should have at his place?

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