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How To Kiss A Girl After A Date

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kissingWho does not remember their first kiss? And who does not experience that feeling, each and every time he is about to kiss someone new for the first time? Still, many people fear that moment of kissing someone for the first time; they don’t know whether the time is right, or perhaps she will reject him? Is she really into him?

Kissing a woman for the first time requires some courage, but above all it requires a bit of preparation and the right timing. Kissing does not come out of the blue, it is one further step in the process of getting to know a girl you like a bit better, and getting more intimate with her.

Before going in for the kiss, it is important what you have done before that, and how comfortable you are with each other.  Only then, you can use one of the many different ways to actually kiss her.

Let’s have a brief look.

Is she into you?

The first thing you will need to know is whether she is really into you. Is she establishing strong eye contact? Is she laughing about your jokes, and does she keep the conversation going? But more importantly, is she flirtatious, spontaneous, and playful?

This might seem very blunt, but many people try to kiss their date without even knowing whether she likes him, in a romantic manner. They take a wild shot, which in the end often results in rejection.

Have you touched each other?

During a date, touch is like magic. Besides regular conversations and flirtatious behavior, it should be a standard habit to lightly touch each other, and make the touching longer and more intense. In the beginning, a light tap of the hand or stroke of the shoulder is enough to make a simple point. As the date progresses, you might want to take her by the hand and lead her around the place, or brush her hair from her face.

During any date, slow escalations is vital in order to get used to each other’s touching, but also to see if the other person permits being touched, and eventually likes it. Ideally, before any kiss, you would have held hands for a while, perhaps walked arm in arm, maybe touched each other’s face or hair. Since kissing is quite intimate, any woman will need to become accustomed to your touching before she even willing to kiss you.

Going for the kiss…

Although woman take the initiative from time to time, it is generally a man’s duty to go for the kiss. Taking that initiative is a sign of leadership, and the fact that you are prepared to get a rejection. This is important, and something which most women will perceive as very manly.

Once you know that she is into you, and you have touched each other for some time, you can go for a kiss. A very natural way is to perhaps be flirtatiously discussing kissing (e.g. your first kiss), and go from there. If you have problems transitioning from conversation to kissing, you might tell her she’s got something on her face, and then kiss her when she asks about it. Another option is to state “I am trying so hard not to kiss you right now”.

When you go for the kiss, go about 90% at first and see how she reacts. She might take the remaining 10% of the distance, or just wait for you to go the whole mile. Key is that she does not back off; if this happens, she might simply not be ready for it.

Remember, kissing is a very intimate act to most women, and it is important to take it slowly. Keep your tongue to yourself in the beginning, and simply give her the most tender, and the softest kiss she has ever gotten.


Kissing is like magic, but it needs a sense of timing, and tactfulness. To many women, kisses can be wonderful, but they can easily turn into a horrific experience when the timing is wrong, or when the way is simply blunt.

Do you still remember your first kiss? What your tips for going for a kiss after a date? Share your experience by leaving a comment below.

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