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How To Meet Women – 10 Tips For A Successful Evening

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discoAs a single man, you may want to go out with the intention to meet new women, to flirt, and to have fun. Nightlife settings are ideal for finding a flirt or even a partner, since flirting is especially socially acceptable in these settings. Many men, however, make big mistakes when it comes to flirting with women, and having a good time with them.

From all the different techniques and theories available on the internet, there are about ten important rules. By abiding to these rules, you can already make a big difference; it is these rules, that make a big difference between the few interesting and inspiring men who meet lots of women each night in a natural and friendly way, and the majority of men who don’t. Some of these rules you might already be familiar with, some of them you may need to work on. Still, keeping them in mind might well increase your chances for success.

Having fun

Many men go out with the intention to flirt and to meet women; they go hunting. Women, however, can see this coming from miles away, and try to avoid such men. Therefore, instead of going on a hunt, you should try to just have fun, and have the best time ever; instead of going hunting, it should be your aim to go fishing – throw out your bait and let them bite.

Get active; don’t be passive

Many men sit around in a corner, sip their drinks, and try to check out the people around from a distance. But being passive is not going to get you anywhere. Additionally, most women notice such men, and again they will avoid them when possible. Therefore, you need to get active. Try to initiate a conversation with just about anyone. Be sociable. Your goal is to have a communicative and fun night.

Don’t focus on one person

If you focus on one woman, or a group of women, you are limiting your chances of meeting a lot of interesting women out  there. Additionally, remember that women are generally attracted to men who are being desired by other women. Therefore, be social and try to get in an conversation with about every woman out there. It will get the ball rolling, and you will get yourself noticed. Also, fixating on one woman will only increase your fear to approach that one woman.

Don’t come across as desperate

Nothing is such as big turnoff as coming across as being desperate. Such men can be spotted from miles away. Being desperate means constantly looking for available woman, and being readily available at any time. Women recognize such behavior immediately due to their great experience with men.

Nothing is a big issue

Whether you are being turned down by someone on that evening or not – nothing is a big issue. Don’t take it personally, because you don’t know what her true motivations are. Also, everything is a learning process, and often we learn from our mistakes much more than from our successes.

Don’t be influenced by others

It should be absolutely irrelevant what others think about you. Of course, you are there with some friends and having a good time, and remaining friendly is one of the high virtues of any gentleman. However, you should not let yourself become influenced what others think whenever you start to speak with other people. Many men are simply jealous, and make bad comments because secretly they wish they were in your shoes.

Be self-confident, feel well, and smile

One of the most attractive attributes of a man is how well he feels in his own skin, and his confidence; this is displayed in the way a man walks, in how he stands, and generally how he comes across as a human being. Confidence is usually the result of  success – the more success one has in his life, the more confidence he will develop. If you do not have the confidence you need, than perhaps you need to fake it just a little bit, in order to create the success which will further develop your level of confidence.

Another extremely attractive feature is the so-called ‘winner’s smile’, which many men who are in demand with women naturally display on their face. This is perceived as very sexy, because it also displays a high level of confidence and the fact that he feels good about himself. Exaggerated coolness, and a ‘bad look’, will only set you back.

Take the lead

Women appreciate men who take the lead in about any situation. Taking the lead means initiating the conversation, leading the conversation, and making it a pleasant experience for both of you. This does not mean you should fully neglect the wishes and desires of a woman, but it much more means that you recognize them and take appropriate action in order to realize them.

Initiate a conversation within 3 seconds

Many men focus a woman they would like to meet, without taking immediate action; they are often hesitant to talk with her out of fear for rejection, but the longer they wait, the more difficult it will become. Therefore, as soon as you notice someone you would like to have a chat with, you should be able to take action within 3 seconds. This makes the situation much easier, and spontaneous.

Don’t buy drinks for women you do not know

Whatever you do, never buy a drink for a woman you do not at all know. Many men buy drinks for women in order to have a conversation with her, and hopefully more. But often, such conversations last until the drink has been finished. Buying drinks for women you do not know also makes you look weak as a man. This of course does not mean you cannot buy drinks for anyone; once you got to know someone already and you connect well, it is perfectly okay to give out a round.


Generally, it is important to focus on the social setting, and the fact that you are going out in order to have fun, and to have a good time. This means, that you should put yourself in the middle and have a social and spontaneous conversation with many people. This is like a spiral, it will make you more relaxed as the evening progresses, and it is a good way to potentially make new friends. This also means, that perhaps you will have to try out new things, or things you have never done before. Some of them might be scary, but it is part of the learning process. Be the exception, and do things differently than most men out there. It will get you noticed. Perhaps you will not have the success you are looking for immediately, but as you grow with your experience, things will likely become easier, and more successful.

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