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Inside The Mind Of A Millionaire

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yachtWe hear stories about self-made millionaire and people who made it from being a cook to owning a private jet. We often tend to treat such people as ‘being lucky’, or we feel the need to state that they probably had the help of a wealthy uncle or family. Seldom, however, we really try to understand what goes on in the mind of someone who truly ‘made it’, and more importantly, trying to learn from it.


If you take the time to read and compare different biographies from the rich and the famous, such as Bill Gates or Donald Trump, you will soon find that they have one big thing in common: they take responsibility for their lives. They strongly believe, and live by, the fact that every person is in the position to shape his/her future. The saying “your life as it is today is the result of your past actions” could not apply more.

The first step in adopting the mindset of a millionaire is to be responsible for your own life. Life does not just happen to you; you are in control of it, as far as it is possible. Understanding what you do today shape your future is where you want to begin. Sometimes, you may experience faith, how unpleasant it may be. However, a true winner will simply accept this as a part of life, and move on, self-confidently, and write the next chapter in his life.

Value your time

Be honest to yourself for second: could you imagine Donald Trump sit in front of the television, watching a soap opera? Of course not, millionaires value their time, since they understand this will bring them further in life. In fact, television, computer games, or any activity which does not intend to enrich your life in some way or the other, is a waste of time.

In stead, go out and become active. Engage in social activities, do sports, keep your living place tidy and clean, study, travel, and do whatever is necessary to keep moving forward in life. Spend your time as efficiently as you can, and grasp the opportunities that cross your path. Becoming active on the one side will also stimulate you to become pro-active, a key characteristic of wealthy people. Being pro-active means identifying opportunities, and doing something constructive with it. The best time to do things is not later, or tomorrow. It is now.

Insist on quality

No matter whether you are buying an item, making an investment, or delivering work yourself: insist on the highest possible quality, always. It is completely useless to buy a low-quality item which needs replacement after a short time, in the end you will spend more money on buying countless of low-quality items than you would have on one high-quality item. The same applies if you are delivering work as an employer or entrepreneur: your own image and that of your product will depend much on the quality you deliver. Delivering a high quality of work, for example, will make you stand out above the masses, and your managers will identify you with the quality you deliver. This makes your position for salary raises or promotions stronger.

Do not fear

Fear is the enemy of any successful person. Fear is nothing more than a physical reaction of the body, which indicates that you are about to enter into a situation, which might be life-threatening. However, being successful also means taking risks. Building a business means investing money, with the potential of losing it. The same applies for investments, or even switching jobs. However, with the right mindset, you can limit any potential negative outcome. If you insist on efficiency and quality in your life, you are likely to deliver an excellent job, which will only astonish your future manager.


The four characteristics described above are only the tip of the iceberg. By the way, this does not only apply to building wealth, but also applies to being successful in general and leading a happy and fulfilling life. Once you understand, and live by, the main principles of what make people successful and happy, nothing can stand in your way.


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