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What Are The 5 Ingredients For A Successful Date?

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romantic coupleDating is an integral part for many singles; some dates are successful, while other simply seem to be a waste of time, or end up in a disaster. Nevertheless, there are certain things you can do to influence the success of a date; there are certain ingredients, which intend to make the date more pleasant, more enjoying, and more successful.

During my time as a single, I have adopted these ingredients regularly. I have booked a number of good successes with them, which is why I find it necessary to share these with you.

Don’t ‘date’

Although it might seem illogical, the first ingredient of a successful date is to actually not go on a ‘date’. The problem with dating is often, what dating suggests: to find a partner, and to evaluate the other person. Such a mindset actually makes it difficult to relax and enjoy each others presence, since the mind is continually thinking in terms of flirting, seduction, partnership, marriage, and sex.

The best way to date someone is to organize a casual meetup and to have a fun conversation. Therefore, never suggest to go on a date with someone, but rather suggest to meet up at this bar for some conversation and cocktails, or at the park for a late summer walk. Or you might want to go for a bicycle ride and explore some of the hidden areas in your city. Simply do not mention the concept of dating in any way. This does not mean that either you, or the other person, does not think of this meetup as a date, but at least it is not verbalized.

The other benefit of not going on a date, is that in the end nothing can go wrong: either you connect or you don’t. There is no possibility for a bad date, since it was not a date in the first place. Perhaps you connect well but you decide to stay friends rather than to become romantic. In that case, you can casually meetup more often, and perhaps you will get to know some of her single friends too.

Keep it fluffy and mysterious

When you are getting to know each other, it is important to keep the conversation fluffy and above all flirtatious. Nothing is more boring than starting topics about psychological disorders, quantum theory, or the weather. Flirtatious conversations include little jokes, little teasers, and busting on each other once in a while. The main aim is to tease each other in a fun way, and at the same time to find out how the two of you tick, and whether you have the potential to connect.

At a later stage, you can start to connect more deeply by moving away from the fluffy talk, and start talking about topics which interest or fascinate the other person. You can talk about dreams, aspirations, the perfect world trip, music, friends and family, something awesome you experienced in your life. Just be sure to avoid dull topics, or anything which has to deal with politics, diseases, or anything which is unpleasant or has a negative touch to it.

Create adrenaline

Adrenaline is a perfect way to connect better and faster. Various studies have demonstrated, that couples who experience exciting times together, in which adrenaline is produced by the body, fall in love faster. In fact, high levels of adrenaline have a similar sensation to the body than being in love, and the mind has a hard time differentiating between the two.

Therefore, exciting activities which causes the body to produce adrenaline are excellent for a date. But also sports in general, such as running, tennis, cycling, or any other physical activity, are good. Women will often be caught off guard, since women usually like to talk and chat during a meetup with her friends. Also, sports is an excellent way to relax and reduce stress almost immediately.

Touch each other

Touching is like magic, and it is the perfect way to come a bit closer to each other. Touching will start lightly, tapping the hand to make a statement, or touching the shoulder or the back. This touching is a perfect way to express liking, but it is also an indication whether or not she accepts your touch. So, you should carefully look for all the non-verbal signals she is sending, in order to get a good impression of whether you are doing good, or not.

At a later stage, you can touch each other more intensively, by holding hands, or wrapping your arms around her shoulder.

The next step

Every date ends at some point. The question is how it ends.

One of the worst ways to end a date is to say “hey, i had a good time, we should do it more often. See you”… or something similar. A good date needs an action point at the end. One option is to kiss at the end of a date, or perhaps go inside at her or your place for a coffee or a wine, if you connected extremely well.

Perhaps you don’t have much time at the moment, or you would like to just explore each other just a bit more, then make an arrangement for another meetup immediately. You will need to get specific, and suggest a day and activity. For example, if she likes going to the museum, you can suggest to visit Museum XYZ this Saturday. Perhaps she loves going to the beach, then you can suggest going to the beach and having a pick nick next Sunday. Just as an example.

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