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6 Traits Of Confident Men

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confidencePierce Brosnan, Daniel Craig, George Clooney; these men have something many men (and women) are admiring: an uncrushable self-confidence. Although many men admire these confident people, and perhaps even try to appear confident themselves, often they end up looking silly.

However, confidence is something that can be learned. Often, people reduce confidence to the things someone says and how he moves, but confidence is more related to inner believes, and how we see ourselves, as well as our mission in this world. There are specific traits, which confident men possess. These traits are unlikely to be acquired within a few hours, but are worthwhile exploring as a rough guide for further personal development.

Loving oneself

The very most important trait of confident men is, that they love themselves. They love how they look like, who they are, and they appreciate their past, and are anxious for what the future hold for them. Only by irrevocably loving yourself, your will be loved and accepted by others. Loving yourself means you can be present, and you can allow yourself to take all the good things life has to offer. This also means, that confident men take good care of themselves. They eat healthy, groom regularly, and take care of what they wear.

Leading life

There is a big difference between leading your life, and letting life lead you. In order to pro-actively lead life, you will indeed need to take life into your hands. This means defining your goals, your ambitions, and what you want to achieve in the short-term and in the long-term. Many confident men do not leave life to be a game of roulette, but would do anything to achieve their goals. They are typically filled with energy, and they are engaged in so many activities. They will additionally lead projects, or groups of people. Confident men see themselves as leaders, and are accepted as such.

No need to be liked

Confident men do not need to be liked, by anyone. They do not need favors from either women or men. They do not need to buy women presents for them to like him. Because, in the end, confident men are the ones everybody wants to be with. For this reason, confident men allow themselves to bust on various people, or to make remarks which might be hardly socially acceptable, without insulting anyone. By the way, this does not mean that confident men cannot be gentlemen. Actually, true confident men are often true gentlemen. Some men believe, that being confident means not to be a gentleman, as this signals weakness, but it is often a sign of insecurity.


Confident men are extremely persistent. Once they have set their goals, they will go long ways to achieve it. The reason why they are so good at being persistent, is because they love themselves, and so they feel they have deserved it. But also, they understand that they need to take their faith into their own hands. It is no big deal if this persistence might might start to irritate one or the other person. The end result is what counts.

Still, confident men also know when to stop. Sometimes, it is necessary to accept defeat, and to take another path to reaching one’s goals. Confident men would not do something illegal, vulgar, or unacceptable to reach their goals. However, they might rebel against what is accepted by society on occasions.


Confident men are very dominant. It is part of their being, since they are accustomed to taking the lead in different situations. Dominance often shows in very strong eye contact and slow movements. But dominance can also show during discussions, for example by interrupting someone in the middle of his sentence. As a reaction, someone who feels subordinate will let himself be interrupted, as he believes his words might not be as important. Also, showing up too late for meetings, or also casual meet ups, is a sign of dominance.

Often, such dominant signals are not conducted on purpose. It is rather unconscious behavior, and it signals the importance a confident person puts on his time and his words.


Dominant men are present. They have an aura around themselves, and they get noticed. There is no need to hide, or to feel insecure, since confident men know they are great, and they get everything out of what life has to offer them. Therefore, confident men will walk slowly and stick their chest out. They walk with their head up, and they are proud beings.


True confidence often comes from within. It is a mindset, a way of life. True confidence is often the result of genes, combined with life experience. But since every person has the potential to chance, confidence is something people can learn. This does not mean every man will need to start to behave like James Bond, but being conscious about your thoughts, your motivations in life, and why you do the things you do, and how, can be of help. Additionally, confidence typically creates success, and larger social networks.

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