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5 Things Any Bachlor Should Have At Home

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interiorThe rate of singles in large cities is huge. With being single comes a lifestyle, which can be exciting at many times, but also boring at some times. Nevertheless, one of the big benefits of being single is that you can decorate and furnish your own place just the way you like it. It can be modern, kitsch, colorful, or plain basic.

However you intend to decorate your living space, and no matter how large your apartment might be, there are a few items which any single should have available, at all times. Even if they are not being used, they are there, offering guests and potentially ‘special’ guests in invitation to stay.

Let’s have a look.


You might share your soap with your guests, or your comb. But probably one thing, which you do not want to share is your toothbrush. Therefore, having a spare toothbrush available at your place is a big bonus for any guest. Although many people carry a small toothbrush with them nowadays, this might not always be the case.

Depending on the number of spontaneous sleepovers you might have, you may want to have additional set of toothbrushes available. Some people have a box full of them, keeping in mind that a night out could result in having someone sleepover spontaneously. But also for friends, or relatives, a good host has some additional toothbrushes available for them to use. If your guest is expected to return on a regular basis, you could keep them in a separate cub. Else you simply throw them away.

Convertible sofa-bed

If you are having a romantic rendez-vous at your place, a convertible sofa-bed is a perfect place to get closer to each other. Actually, a big sofa would also do, but a convertible sofa-bed also comes in handy if you are having guests sleeping over, which are not of a romantic nature, such as good friends or relatives; as a good host you should be able to offer your guests the comfort of a soft underground to sleep on.

If you have a bigger apartment, you can also use one of the rooms as a guest room, and have a double bed there. Still, the wonderful thing about convertible sofa-beds is the fact, that you can chill out in the living room and have a few drinks, while at the same time preparing for the night.

The most important thing is that you can offer your guests a place to sleep, on a soft surface other than your own bed (which, of course, is a double bed). Even if you have someone over at your place with a romance potential, is makes a good impression for her to have a choice to sleep on the sofa if she wants to.

Chilled drinks and hors d’oeuvres

If you are inviting people over for dinner, you will have to make some preparations from your side. But what if someone comes over spontaneously?

The least you should be able to offer at all times is a drink. Drinks vary per occasion, and it depends on you as a person. But you will also need to put yourself in the shoes of your guests: what do they most likely want to drink? A good mix is to have a bottle of champagne, white wine, some beer and soft drinks chilled in the fridge. A bottle of red wine is kept in a wine rack outside of the fridge. Additionally, coffee and tea should be available. Depending on how extensive you want to make your bar, and whether or not you want to mix cocktails, you can add juices and various liquors, whiskey, cognac, or other spirits. Please mind to enjoy alcohol with care at all times.

Little snacks are perfect to accompany the drinks. Snacks could be anything from crisps, to olives, feta cheese, or anything which is available at your local supermarket.


This might sound logical, but actually many people simply don’t have one at hand when they need one most. Therefore, condoms should be virtually part of your interior. Ideally, condoms will not lie around visibly, but are stored in drawers or cupboards, where it is cool, dry, and not exposed to direct sunlight. Additionally, you can scatter them throughout your entire place.

Not only single men should have condoms available, but also single women are advised to have some at home. Not all men carry them around all the time, and some things simply happen very spontaneously.

Binders and tampons

This might not be the most romantic thing to have, but it does make a very strong statement to any woman you invite over; it states that you care about their well-being, and that you are prepared for virtually any eventuality. She will thank you for it.


The fun thing about being single is that you can be spontaneous, and that you do not have to plan too many things ahead; there is nobody you have to align your plans with. But being fully unprepared can make spontaneous sleepovers difficult, and many people may choose to go home for the night in stead. Therefore, having some standard items readily available for your guests shows that you care, that you are a good host, and it makes your place inviting for them to come back again.

This list is, as always, not exhaustive. We would love to hear you experiences in the comment section below.

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