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How To Simplify Your Life In 3 Easy Steps

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winter fieldFor many people, urban life has become increasingly complex. Starting with full-time jobs, often having to work many more hours than contractually agreed upon, and continuing with keeping up-to-date with industry innovation, fully packed agendas and schedules, appointments, financial difficulties, smartphones, tablet computers, multiple e-mail addresses, and various social obligations.

With increasing complexity in life, the number of psychological disorders, burnouts, and bankruptcies seem to increase. In addition to all that, it seems difficult to simplify life, with all the opportunities and obligations. Nevertheless, there are a few things you can do to simplify life, in a sense that it takes away the day-to-day pressure. This might well be the first step towards a more balanced lifestyle, and simply feeling good.

It’s about you, not others

A big part of the pressure many people experience is the need, or rather the pressure, to keep up with others. People often orientate themselves according to the social class they belong to, or their immediate friends and neighbors. As many individuals tend to measure themselves and others in terms of money, lower earnings or a lower net worth often results in feeling ‘less worth’ than others. Many people try to compensate this with expensive status symbols, or additional jobs, in order to keep up with the rest.

The true art lies in having a state of mind, where others are actually not at all important. In the end, what counts is what you can make of your life with the means you have available. It is good to have goals, and to improve in life in every possible way you can. But the right mindset is to do it because you truly want it. In a sense, this will give you more easy in your life, as it takes additional pressure away.

You do not have to be available 24/7

Being available ona 24/7 basis is another feature of life, adding pressure to each day. This does not literally mean, that you have to pick up the phone during the night while asleep, but it does assume that many people are available via smartphone, e-mail, WhatsApp, Skype, tablet computer, Facebook, and all the other beautiful ways we have at the tips of our fingers to stay in touch.

The result? We often do not find the time for ourselves. Many people often feel the need to be in touch with others constantly, or else they might miss out on something. Additionally, the result is often filled agendas, and people rushing from here to there to meet up with someone; many people simply get the feeling of being in demand. Meeting up with such a busy person is a true test to one’s patience, as it could take weeks until you can mutually agree on finding a slot for drinking a beer.

The true art is not having to be available at all times. Sometimes, someone might call and it is perfectly okay not to pick up the phone if you are currently not available. Also, it is perfectly okay not to answer an e-mail within 5 minutes. And it is perfectly okay to plan some time in your agenda, which is dedicated to yourself, or for possible spontaneous things.

Reduce your obligations

Many people have obligations, or things they have to take care of. This can be anything from having credit cards, loans, owning a car, owning real estate, having a job. These obligations can get too much under circumstances, when you simply do not have the time and energy to take care of it all.

A good thing, and in my opinion something every person will have to do regularly, is to go through all the obligations in his or her life. Do I really need 3 credit cards? Do I really need to buy that television by taking a loan, or perhaps I can wait one or two additional months? Do we really need to have two big cars with such big expenses, or can we get by with only one smaller car? It is not just about frugal living, but also the amount of items you need to take care of.


Life has grown to be extremely complex. With some simple thoughts, individuals can simplify their lives at least a little bit, and enjoy their time and their finances more intensively. These 3 steps are by no means exclusive, and we would want to invite you to write a comment below.

How do you think we can additionally simplify our lives?

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