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November 2, 2012 – 10:50 am | 2 Comments | 8,407 views

As a single man, you may want to go out with the intention to meet new women, to flirt, and to have fun. Nightlife settings are ideal for finding a flirt or even a partner, since flirting is especially socially acceptable in these settings. Many men, however, make big mistakes when it comes to flirting […]

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How To Build A Network

August 26, 2012 – 11:36 am | 3,317 views
How To Build A Network

If there is one thing I learned during childhood and my teens, it is how important good friends are.  Then, during education and throughout my career, I learned in addition to that how important a good network is; not only in respect to the many social contacts, but also to opportunities which may arise through the […]

How Bargaining Might Pay Out

August 26, 2012 – 11:32 am | 2,175 views
How Bargaining Might Pay Out

I remember being in Kenya in 1998. We were on Safari, and on our way to the Masaai we stopped a few times in some smaller villages to fuel up the car and get a bite to eat. Whenever we stopped, there were loads of small trader, trying to sell their good to those who […]

10 Smart Ways To Save Money On Fuel

August 26, 2012 – 11:29 am | 2,233 views
10 Smart Ways To Save Money On Fuel

Owning a car can be quite expensive. Fuel is one of the highest cost factors, especially for people who need their vehicle on a regular basis. However, the cost of fuel is controllable up to a certain extent. With 10 easy-to-implement tricks, you will be able to significantly decrease the fuel consumption, thus saving money. […]