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How Women Scare Men Away – 5 Don’ts To Remember

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I have written an article previously about the 10 definite don’ts when flirting with women. That article was the result of many conversations I had with good friends, both male and female, and of course my own experience. But what about the other way around? Are there things women can do to definitely scare away a man? At first, I didn’t think there was. But then I gave it a second thought.

So, dear ladies, please read on:

Too much clinging

One thing a man values, almost more than anything else, is his freedom, and his freedom to make decisions. It is not wrong to show a man you are genuinely interested in him. But one thing to avoid is to be too clingy, and to give him the feeling that he cannot breathe, or that you want him to dedicate every spare moment to you.

Being too clingy could mean anything, where you show too much interest. It could be calling him ten times a day, it could you be making plans for next week, every single day. It could even be jealousy, and wanting to know exactly what he did when, where and with home. Often, people who are too clingy are afraid that giving him too much freedom might cause him to walk away. Often, it is a self-fulfilling prophecy, because that is exactly what many men will do when they feel limited in their life. A man will generally not want to exchange his life for a woman, but he will want a woman to become part of his life.

Not being feminine

Femininity is something very important, during the flirting process, seduction process, and thereafter. Some things you might not be able to influence, such as the shape of your face, or hands. Some women are simply built more feminine than others. However, there are certain things which can take away your femininity even more. Think about very short haircuts, or a trousers in army look, or a very masculine way of walking or moving. Sometimes, make-up can also do wonders and add a lot of femininity.

It is often the things that you can change which count. Don’t worry too much about things you cannot change, or certain body measurements. You don’t want a man to reduce you to your physical appearance only, do you?

Talking about other men in detail

Of course, it is always interesting for a man to know a bit more about the history of the woman he has just met. A little conversation about relationships, and perhaps the ex, in a positive manner should be okay.

Remember the words ‘little’ and ‘positive’. Because that is exactly where many women go wrong; they start to hold endless monologues about their exes, about relationships gone bad. And sometimes, is she is in a really good mood, she will go through the list of exes from the last ten years, and perhaps add a bit detail to it as well.

Ladies, please keep it short, and positive. Tell a few lines about your history, and then return to the ‘here and now’ quickly. You’ll be doing yourself a big favor, and him as well.

Introducing all of your friends

When you are not alone at the moment, it is fine to introduce one or two friends, who just happen to be there when you meet him. But your first goal should be to really get to know him, and allow him to get to know you too. Therefore, it is completely out of place to start introducing virtually all of your friends to him immediately. He hardly knows you, and he will feel uncomfortable with it.

Sharing everything on social media

Social media have experienced a true boom in the last few years, and many people share about everything that happens in their lives on there. Although it should not be a problem if you like to express yourself via social media, do him a big favor and keep him out of the picture for now.

Nothing can break trust for a man as quickly as seeing his name, and potentially pictures, appear in various social media the day after you just met. He will assume that you are discussing this with your friends anyway, but there is really no need to make it public. For the same reason, hold back on wanting to take pictures of him, or of the two of you. He will assume you will share it and make it public.

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