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Why Seduction Is Vital In Long-Term Relationships

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kissingWhen we think about seducing someone, many people tend to think about persuading people, or letting them do something they would otherwise not do. Although there are many definitions of seduction, it is typically seen as something men and women get involved into when they first meet; they flirt with each other, seduce each other, in order to get to know each other a little bit better.

Later, when people finally are together, the art of seduction and flirtatious behavior is often forgotten. This can be observed with many couples; they find themselves being in long-term relationships, perhaps with dreams and family planning ahead, and both partners fall into a trap. The trap is the big absence of seduction, or generally the type of behavior which in the beginning got them together.

Just like seduction and flirtatious behavior is important when men and women first meet, it remains important for the rest of the relationship.


When people meet for the first time, attraction is the first vital ingredient for people wanting to be together. Women and men usually feel attracted towards each other in different ways, and both sexes will use all they have got to make the other person feel attracted to them; they flirt and seduce each other. And then, after being in a long-term relation for some time, something interesting happens: many people start losing that attraction to the other person, which existed in the beginning.

The common reason is, that many people simply do not put any effort into flirting and seduction when already in a relationship. They live day by day, and start to take the other person for granted. Attraction, however, is not a given fact, and the degree of attraction one feels for another person might also change over time.


One big aim of flirting and seduction is to create tension between two people. This tension is mainly of an emotional nature, and tends to release physically at a certain point. Just like with attraction, tension needs to be built over and over again, it is not a given fact which is there, and always will be.

Therefore, seducing your partner from time to time is a vitally important element of a long-term relationship, as it builds tension, and it creates the need to release that tension with both partners. Without this tension, physical contact tends to become less and less, until also the attraction for the other person starts fading away.

Being a man / woman

One of the funny things is, that when people flirt and seduce, they are aware of their role towards the other person. Women will use all the femininity they have, and men will want to transport that feeling of being a ‘real man’, the type of guy she adores.

But once in a relationship, many men turn weak; they forget everything about flirting and seducing, and they stop to communicate that feeling of being a ‘real man’. On the other hand, many women lose part of their femininity too; women who are too demanding, or who dictate their partners what they can do and what not, might risk losing him.

Still, many couples fall into this routine and seem to get stuck in it for a long time. It really does not do the relationship any good, since she does not give him the feeling that she is the women who wants to be the princess in his life, and he does not give her the feeling that he is the ‘the man‘ either.


Does it not feel wonderful to be seduced? To actually emotionally feel that your partner desires you, and that he or she is willing to put a lot of effort into you? In other words, how would you feel if your partner is not willing to dedicate the time and effort into you? How can you trust someone, who in the beginning of a relationship flirted with you, seduced you, and after some time does not?

Trust is a big part of any relationship, and it is important to remember that you also want your partner to feel good, and that you are the man or woman that she or he came together with in the beginning. Many people start to change as soon as they are in a relationship, they become more demanding and put themselves in the first place. This does not do any relationship any good.


When we meet someone we like for the first time, we flirt and seduce, and show ourselves from our best sides. But often we completely change as soon as we are in a long-term relationship, and we take the other person and the situation in general for granted. This is a pity, since we fell in love with the person we met in the beginning, with all of his or her charm. For this reason, it is important to keep seducing each other continuously, no matter how long a relationship might last, no matter whether you are just together, or whether you are married for twenty years.

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