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Why Women Fall For Bad Guys – The Top Reasons Explained

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bad guyMany men, especially the higher educated, are being taught to be thoughtful, kind, to buy the ladies dinner and wine, to spend lots of flowers, to be funny … and women will fall for them no matter. This way of thinking, however, has little to do with reality. Being (much too) nice is almost a surefire way for men to remain single for the rest of their lives, or potentially to end up with a wife who will look for adventures elsewhere.

Both men and women do not choose to be attracted, they simply are. And it is fairly hardwired in the female system, that women are generally looking for a ‘real man’ type of guy, or the notorious ‘bad guy’. Being a ‘real man’ in this context has much more to do with psychological behavior than with physical appearance. Real men are those who take initiatives, and who tend to take the lead in any given situation. They will lead the woman to her happiness. True men have interesting lifestyles, they have extensive social circles, they do physical exercise, they are loaded with energy to spend during the day, they do what they feel is the right thing for them, and they do not feel the need to be liked by others.

Many of the reasons why we do things as we do them is still hardwired in our system. During our evolution, survival and reproduction were among the most important things of life. Therefore, whereas men were typically looking for women who could care for their children, and nourish them, women were typically looking for strong men with leadership qualities, who could increase the chances of survival for the family, by bringing home food and protecting the family against enemies.

Today, and especially in the western world, where women’s rights and possibilities have caught up a great deal with that of men, we do not need much of the survival instinct. Still, our genetic programming is changing slower than our society. Nevertheless, recent research have showed that slight changes in what we look for are noticeable. Men, for example, tend to find a woman’s intelligence increasingly important as opposed to her physical appearance, whereas women tend to look more and more at a man’s physical appearance. This, of course, only applies to the western world, and not to those regions where there is still a large gap between the rights of men and women.

The main reason for women to feel attracted to ‘bad guys’ is hardwired in their genetic programming. It means that women prefer men who are bold, have strong leadership qualities, and strong drive to ‘survive’. It pays out well to take an example from the animal kingdom, because in the end it is still where we come from.

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